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A big thumbs up from me. Bob rescued my PC from near demise and managed to turn adversity into advantage. I finished up with a more efficent system than I had before the crash. Friendly, prompt, meticulous and very knowledgable, I have no hesitation recommending Bob. Another good reason to love living in Wanstead.

Comment by bobcrabtree
The others being Wanstead Fish & Cafe Brunch?

Susan Clark
My PC is somewhat old and was struggling with connectivity and updates. Bob has totally spring-cleaned it, checked the internet connection and added helpful layers of security. Absolutely an IT professional.

Keith Stretten

Completely useless, no help at all and a waste of time......Whoops, no that was about someone else! I was having problems with problems with an Apple iMac. I had made two lengthy calls to Apple Support and they could not solve the problem. I contacted Bob from an ad in a local magazine. I called to see him with my computer as he is also very near to me. He sorted the problem out and machine running smoothly as new. First class, nice guy as well, would happily recommend. He really knows his stuff.

Comment by bobcrabtree
Hang on, are your sure you don't mean a different Bob Crabtree? ;-)

I can't recommend Bob highly enough! I've had a few IT issues over the years and Bob has always been able to get me back on track. The latest issue was with a relatively new laptop, it's now working better than it did when I bought it. Bob explains things without using jargon (I glaze over with jargon....), nothing is too much trouble for him, he's totally professional and the turnaround time is fantastic - all at a very reasonable price. Great service!


I’d happily recommend Bob.

I had a variety of problems with my computer and none of the fixes I found online would work. I thought the computer might need throwing away but Bob very quickly spotted that there was a problem with the hardware (which I’d never have guessed), had the parts in stock, and starting fixing it the same day (Sunday). I had it back within 48 hours with all problems solved. And all at a very reasonable price – with a full breakdown of how the price was calculated and all in-line with what he’d told me beforehand.

No questions I asked were too simple and he gave me lots of advice (for free) on how to improve things I hadn’t given any thought to. Apart from having a rather strange sense of humour I couldn’t recommend his services enough.

Comment by bobcrabtree
"a rather strange sense of humour". What do he mean? :-)

Was ready to chuck my laptop out the window but rang Bob and his calm voice at the end of the phone did the trick. Took it to his and he fixed everything, put more memory in and it's working like a dream. And he took the time to explain what he'd done with no computer jargon. What a star! Thanks a million, Bob!

Jennifer Randall

Jenny Randall

I am in my seventies and know almost nothing about the workings of a computer. I required the services of somebody who understood my needs better than I did myself. Bob was helpful, friendly and professional, and did a marvellous job to cure my computer. It has worked brilliantly ever since.
He has transformed my life !!

Ken Johnson

Ken Johnson 31/03/2015
Bob was recommended to me by a friend
This guy knows what he's talking about and will explain things to you in understandable language.
After sorting problems on my old PC he tailormade a new one for me and it's perfect, quick and uncluttered.
Highly recommended.
Don't go anywhere else!


Lecturer & course Developer;Teacher Training-MFL & History of Art
A true IT wizard. He was calm, friendly and professional and suceeded in retreiving all the lost data- articles, lectures & images. Thankyou so much!
I can't recommend him highly enough.

Mitch Cohen

Absolutely outstanding service, attention to detail and advice. The work which was so important to me was given absolute priority and I never had any worries that there was a moments avoidable delay.
Security and confidentiality is paramount in my business and I have absolute confidence in Bob and his team.
Thank you again Bob.
(His jokes are terrible though!!)


Master Art Brokers - 5/08/2013

I can honestly say that Bob Crabtree and his computer services are outstanding. We recently had a dreadful situation where a rouge adviser managed to erase all the configurations on my laptop including emails ,documents, fine art images, client contact details etc essentially 2 years hard work. Bob was recommended to us and he managed in a calm, efficient and highly professional way to retrieve all the information lost. He is extremely helpful and knowledgeable and I also now have remote access to him for any future problems which is invaluable. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Bob, thank you again.


Bob has been helping me with my computer for the last five years and I really don’t know what I would do without him. He is always available on the phone and if he can’t deal with the problem immediately he gets back to me very quickly. He is extremely patient – with my impatience! – and explains things in a clear and understandable way. Unlike many people these days, he always seems ready to go the extra mile to be helpful. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Joan Crawford


I've been going to Bob with my IT woes for many a year and frankly there's no one else I would trust with my computer. I always recommend him without hesitation. Even now I've moved away from Wanstead, he's still my first call.
Thanks, Bob :)


Bob is very helpfull, patient, knowledgeable, kind and just a phonecall away. You can phone in the safe knowledge that he will either sort out the problem immediaelty or come back quickly with a solution, and it won't cost a fortune. I would always recomend Bob to anyone,especially the techknowledge allergic, he is brilliant.
Maureen Walker


The great thing about Bob Crabtree is not only that he's local, friendly and knows his stuff, but that he's always patient and kind, even when dealing with a complete computer duffer such as me. Yes, I admit it: I used to be reduced to quivering jellydom whenever anything went wrong. No longer. Now I've discovered that help and reassurance is just a phone call away - and without costing an arm and a leg. . Thanks, Bob!


When I was having problems with my Macbook Pro, Bob was a huge help to me. I am a photographer and the primary use of my computer is business, so having issues was extremely stressful, and I needed to have solutions quickly. Bob was very efficient in diagnosing the problems, and in providing the necessary solutions and advice for future computer health. I was very impressed with Bob'd speedy response to my 'hour of need'; he came promptly to my home on a Friday night, on the eve of the Olympic opening ceremonies. Computer problems don't follow business hours and Bob is ready to respond accordingly! Thank you so much Bob! I'm very happy now to have a trusted and talented technician on hand for when future help and advice is needed.

Ed Carruthers

Bob was the first IT consultant (of many!) I spoke to who was primarily concerned with what the problem was and how to fix it rather than how much they were going to charge me. He was able to see me on the same day (it helps that I live very locally) and the problem was fixed within a few hours. This was via going round to his house and telephone support afterwards once I got home. The price was incredibly reasonable, and I would happily call upon his services in the future (although fingers crossed my computer doesn't go wrong again!).
Ed Carruthers.


Thetestimonial dated 30.11 09 by Paul Laffan says it all, succinctly. Also he doesn't overcharge. A pleasure to deal with.


Bob cleaned out and speeded up my computer. He was great to deal with,very direct very knowledgable and I still had most of my wallet intact. Pleased to find a local computer specialist.

Rob Maitland Wanstead

Jeff Pollock

I took my old laptop to Bob and rather than bullshit me and charge me loads of money to get it running, he advised me to put my money towards a new machine as the old one needed too much done to it. Bob researched new laptops for my price range and suggested the right one for me and my wife. I had new machine delivered to Bob's house and after setting up and loading the software and programmes required, he had the patience and time to run through things with me, teaching me the new operating system of my new computer and also remotely took control to connect me to my wireless modem. To think this genius of a man is at the end of the phone gives you a sense of wellbeing and helps you feel all is not lost whatever the problem. I have passed on Bob's details to friends and family and have told them if this man doesn't know how to help you out of a hole then no one does.
I hope the above testimonial does not sound too mushy but Bob did give me alot of money to right it, (only joking).
Bob is the dogs doodahs when it comes to computer problems.
Many thanks

Jeff P.

Comment by getahead
Clearly, Jeff is a fine judge of character (and intellect)! ;-) Thanks Jeff