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Bob is the ultimate professional. I have complete confidence in him, knowing that if I have a computer problem he will be able to fix it. He explains everything to you on a level that is easy to understand and is more than happy to make helpful suggestions. But more than anything I trust Bob.

Pat Heron

Can't praise Bob highly enough! Prompt, efficient, utterly reliable, honest, reasonably priced, full of valuable advice - would recommend him to everyone who needs computer help. What's more, unlike certain computer "help" desks, he is an excellent communicator, and takes the time to listen to you, think about what you need, and then explain what you need to know in human language. Need something computer? GO TO BOB.
Pat Heron, Manor Park

Jean Gibson

Bob is very efficient, reliable and very helpful. I have been using him for a couple of years and would not use anybody else.

Helena Poldervaart

I'm a sole trader and when my computer goes down, it's very bad news. In fact, it's a nightmare. Bob has now rescued me from several nightmares with unfailing professionalism and good humour (well, I leave the room when the computer behaves exceptionally badly). He takes the time to explain things but doesn't force information on you, so you get to know as much as you want. He's also given me great advice and help when buying a new laptop and printer - he takes the time to find out what you need (as opposed to what you think you want) and then gives you the links to sort it out for yourself, or helps you order it. Lastly, his hourly rate is great value. What more can I say ? I know, while he's waiting for your computer to stop whirring, he sets up your digi box and tv. A man who multi tasks ...

Comment by getahead
Strictly speaking, doing one thing while waiting for another to finish isn't multi-tasking - but thanks for the compliment!

Hello everyone. I just want to thank Bob for all the totally professional and skilled help he has given me with my computer system, starting when I phoned him out of the blue to say it had been electrocuted by a passing storm. Running a small, independent business, my computer is my work life line. Bob came straight over, let me know the computer was failed, lent me a pro temp one, gave me help in dealing with the broadband people, took away my system, salvaged what he could of the hard disk, came back and installed info rescued on my pro temp system, helped me order a new system, installed it, put in an external hard disk (do get one if you haven't already), and some specialist programmes, showed me how to work it all, answered loads of silly questions from me. Without him, I think my business would have suffered badly. Since that time, bits and bobs (!) have happened, and Bob has always been there to help, either in person or wherever possible at the end of a phone or email. He always make a point to respond immediately. It is clear he knows exactly what he is doing, and he does so in a most reassuring and kind manner. I trust him. Thank you, Bob. Carla Adam, Leytonstone

Comment by getahead
"Helen"? Your alter-ego, perhaps, Carla? ;-)

Bob to the rescue once again.
For the last year Bob has resolved every one of my technical troubles without fail. Whatever the problem is ranging from connection difficulties to protection settings Bob will do the job. The best thing is that he does so in such a polite and efficient manner which allows you to understand and acknowledge the changes he has made.
He is always willing to help whether by phone, email or even in person with a positive attitude to the situation in hand.

Lovely man who knows exactly what he is doing and can get the job finished quickly to a high standard.
Computer difficulties? Bobs the man to see.
Thankyou Bob :)


Fast and efficient just like my laptop is now bob has sorted it.
Dean Anderson
Epping Flooring Contracts

Paul Laffan

If you do not want to spend all of your life working out how your computer works and why things go wrong with it, Bob Crabtree is the Alpha crow who will get you to B as quickly as possible. He's very helpful, very knowledgeable and unfailing pleasant to deal with. Paul Laffan.

Alison Atkinson

Sunday 29th November 2009

Once again Bob has helped me out with my laptop. The firewall was faulty and was starting to prevent me accessing my e mails. Last time, Bob came to my house and I gave him a lousy cup of tea. This might be one of the reasons why, this time, he suggested I bring my laptop to him! But mainly Bob needed to run some time-consuming scans on my laptop and he could let my laptop buzz away while he got on with other work. Bob also gave my laptop a service and "MOT". The work was quickly done. The price more than reasonable. Bob (and his son!) pleasant, helpful and accommodating.
Thank you so much, Bob.
I work from home and rely completely on my laptop. It is so reassuring to know that there is someone, close by, who quickly and efficiently fixes my "baby".

Alison Atkinson

Sue Robinson

Bob rescued my laptop from my lack of techie knowledge. It was running increasingly slower with a sudden surge in virurses being batted by McAfee; adding to the mix were various other anti- this-that-&-the-other programmes I'd downloaded in panic and was now regretting. Bob had advertised in the Wanstead Village Directory a while back and I'd kept his ad.
Bob was easy and quick to contact and respond, meeting the following day to determine which problems were resolvable. He overhauled, deleted, installed....reassured, guided & didn't make me feel like an idiot. He lent a friend a PC whilst repairing hers and did all this promptly, efficiently and courteously.
A kind man who knows his stuff, is local, contactable and genuine.
Thank you Bob.


Bob The Computer Man, He Can Fix It

Since my husband found Bob we have slept easier at night knowing that when something goes wrong or is beyond us he will be happy to help (by e-mail if its fixable that way or on call if it needs hands on).He is generous with his advice and respectful of, and patient with, technical ignorance. He is flexible about accommodating personal preferences with the way your computer works. Mr and Mrs Content of Leytonstone.


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